Qualmi are werelynxes, originally from the Northern United States, Canada, and Alaska.

The Qualmi are known for their ability to blend in with their surroundings and are masters of misdirection. They also enjoy riddles and mysteries. Before being forced to interact with other werecreatures due to being forced into the TI, werelynx were not known for having frequent interaction with other werecreatures.

In spite of their withdrawn nature, they have had singnificant dealings with several Garou Tribes. While far less warlike in comparison to the Wendigo they have had a long relationship. They have also had a very long relationship with the Uktena.

Generally, the Qualmi communicate with Beast Spirits and over the past century they have been able to communicate with Spirits normally exclusive to the Wendigo Tribe.

One werelynx that has been currently active in the Federation is Captain Michelle Fisher, who was in the Raptors unit under the command of Major Bernard Dent. Presently, she is on a special assignment under Major William Bishop.

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