The mystical symbol of quintessence...or five Jews ganging up on a fat Satanist. Take your pick.

Quintessence is the fuel for mage powers. The soul of the universe. The very fabric of reality. The fifth classical element of pure spirit. Call it what you will, whatever it is, it’s mysterious and has something to do with Mage powers. Mages themselves don’t really understand it, but that’s why it’s magick and not science or technology. Still, it can be used and controlled, at least to some extent, and many techno-magickal machines store quintessence in "crystalline batteries" and use "Quintessence Valves" to convert and regulate the magicakal energies.  Both of these are parts that can only be manufactured or repaired using Magick.

Mages that focus on the sphere of Prime can manipulate quintessence directly, and a spikeard can convert matter directly into quintessence to serve as fuel for further spells. 

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Yet another concept borrowed from Mage: The Ascencion.

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