Magnetic Railgun Artillery by Hausmann

Two 500mm RABBIT artillery systems as used by the Imperial Guard, escorted by a pair of light hovertanks

RABBIT Artillery are a family of advanced railgun-based heavy fire support weapons originally built for the Light Infantry by the Ferret Works division of Harrington Industries in the mid-23rd century. The name is an acronym for "Rocket Assisted, Ballistic Bombarbment, Intelligent Targeting" and technically applies to the ammunition used, although the term is often used as a blanket term for the launching systems as well. RABBIT rounds are availble in calibers ranging from small 100mm systems which can be landed by drop pod on a hostile planetary surface, all the way up to enormous 500mm systems for destroying fixed fortifications.

Either way, the basic system involves a vehicle-mounted railgun which fires rocket-boosted rounds anywhere from a few kilometers to hundreds of miles down range, and which can carry a variety of terminal guidance systems and warheads tailored to almost any fire mission imaginable. The rapidity which the launchers can be aimed and fired, and the flexibility of the ammunition, makes them very popular as counter-battery units when teamed up with radar or lidar sensor systems to compute the coordinates of enemy artillery systems.

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