Ratkin are wererats. Their original mission by Gaia was to spread disease and plague to humans in order to control and limit their population. The wererats seek to accomplish this by living in highly concentrated dense human cities and spreading pests and pestilence amongst their populations.

Centuries ago the leaders of the Garou decided to try and exterminate all other breeds, including the Ratkin. Thus they entered the War of Rage. Fortunately for the Ratkin, they were not the only ones fighting the Garou Tribes. The Garou also had the Bastet Tribes to contend with. Nevertheless, the Ratkin suffered major losses and were pushed to the margins of human societies in the cities they liked to inhabit. By the time the TI started forced recruitement the Ratkin numbers had been replenished. While a large number of them were tracked down and forced to enlist, there were many that avoided capture by living in sewers.



Ratkin are known for being brutal and taking pleasure in spreading plagues and killing humans. They are brutal and vicious in fights. They are the fastest and most dextrous of all the lycanthrope breeds, and one of the few who actually get smaller when in Crinos form.

The Ratkin also have their own subculture of tribes similar to the Bestat and Garou. However, their subgroups do not have any distinctive physical differences or special abilities. Also rather then referring to these groups as Totems or Tribes, the groups are called Plagues. Originally, they were distinguished by the geographical area on Earth that they had a tendancy to inhabit. Now the groups have gone on to inhabit different planets. The list below provides the name of the plagues, (where they used to live on earth) and where they live now.</p>

  • The Borrachon Wererats - (South America) - New Madrid
  • De Le Poer's - (Antartica) - Alpha Centauri (Blockaded)
  • The Rat Race - (North America) - Avalon
  • The Horde - (Eurasia) - New Paris
  • The Nezumi - (Japan) - New Tokyo
  • The Ratkin Ronin - (Sea Fairing Vessels) - Merchant Ships
  • The Gamine - (Europe) - Wilke's Star
  • Rattus Typhys (Africa) - Minos
  • Thuggees - (East Asia) - Babylon

On Wilke's Star there is a gang of wererats operating underneath the umbrella of the Gamine Plague. The gang is called the Violet Tails and is currently under of the leadership of Bree Colby. Werepanther William Bishop spent most of his childhood growing up as a member of this gang of wererats as well.

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