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You know the Ravnos are badass if their symbol is a crucifix carved into a stake

The Ravnos are a clan of Vampires, and one of the outer clans of the Camarilla.


The Ravnos trace their vampiric lineage to Zapathasura, a merchant from Enoch before the Flood, who traveled to India and settled there to build his empire.  Engaged in endless warfare with the local tribes of Garou and Fera, and with several Chinese lineages of Vampires, many of the Ravnos fled to Europe as Gypsies.  Forced to make their living as thieves and smugglers, the Ravnos became a fixture of the European criminal underworld, and they channeled their beastial nature into acts of petty vice and criminality to avoid perpetrating more spectacular acts of perversion and evil.  As outsiders, the Ravnos mostly tried to stay outside the fight between the Camarilla and Sabbat, but Gehenna changed this.  Zapathasura himself rose from his slumber and began attacking both his own clan and anyone else he could reach.  It took a joint effort by several packs of Garou, dozens of mages, and eventually the use of three nuclear warheads to finally take him down, with the final warhead vaporizing his body before anyone could diablerize him.  The handful of surviving Ravnos fled to the protection of the Camarilla.  After Gehenna, they mostly worked as foot soldiers of the Giovanni criminal enterprises, scouts for the Kingdom of Enoch's royal armies, and as space pirates and smugglers.

Clan Traits[]

Every single surviving Ravnos is a criminal of some sort, a slave to whatever vice they have channeled their beastial nature into.  Most Ravnos have the unique ability to create sense-based illusions, whether they be spectral visions or bewitching scents, to distract and confuse their victims long enough to steal their purse or their lifeblood.