What a tragic loss of prime babe...

Corporal Reichensperger Tess was a former model and soldier in the Tech Infantry who died fighting during the early stages of the Third Civil War.

Early LifeEdit

Reichensperger Tess was born on New Tokyo in 2224, to a family whose ancestors had emigrated to Japan from Germany in the 1940's and so thoroughly assimilated into the local culture that they'd adopted the surname-first naming convention. However, when it came time for young Tess to register for the draft three centuries later, a novice bureaucrat unclear on the concept got the name fields backwards, and sheer bureaucratic inertia prevented the mistake from being rectified in official records until it was far too late. Before entering the military, she spent some time as a fashion model for clothing catalogs and advertisements.

Military CareerEdit

Corporal Tess was serving in the Consular Protection Service, stationed at the Federation Consulate in the city of Chiatzo on Khmer, when the outbreak of hostilities between the Eastern Bloc and the Earth Federation forced her unit to flee. Her previous commanding officer having been transferred to another assignment shortly before, and his replacement having not yet arrived when war broke out, her temporary acting commanding officer was Master Sergeant Alistar Soldati Dimiye. Dimiye successfully organized the evacuation of the Consulate and its staff from Khmer on the Merchant Frigate Veracruz, then orchestrated the capture of the Eastern Bloc Navy frigate Pao Min Wang. While aboard the Pao Min Wang, Tess and Dimiye initiated a sexual relationship with each other.

The Pao Min Wang was later damged in combat and forced to crash-land on Hadley. Dimiye and Tess organized the defense of their unit and its civilian charges (consular staff and families, plus crewmen from the lost freighter Veracruz that had resuced them from Khmer) against a landing party of Bloc Marines sent down to round up the survivors. Finally making contact with the local authorities in the city of Hope, Dimiye found himself forced to take over command of the entire planet's defenses against a full-scale Eastern Bloc invasion. Corporal Tess was placed in command of the main strategic reserve of TI Marines during the ensuing battle plan, and was a key factor in the success of Operation Market Valley. The battle saw the Eastern Bloc forces repulsed and forced to withdraw from Hadley with 92 percent losses, but Corporal Tess and something over 100 other TI and Light Infantry forces were killed in the fighting.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The story never makes it clear if Corporal Tess is a werecreature, Mage, or what, and so if anyone remembers this information definitively, please edit this article and add that information. Her actor avatar is Karolina Kurkova, in her role as Cover Girl in the film G.I. Joe, the Rise of Cobra.

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