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The Revenge-class Battlecruisers were among the first ships in Earth Fleet (and the only class of battlecruiser) to be fitted with the improved second-generation Gravity Drive (which can generate jump points and gravity shields, but not propulsion).  In addition to allowing incredibly fast acceleration and maneuvering, it provides a very powerful defensive shield, although that shield cannot be raised while maneuvering or firing its weaponry.

The Revenge-class is heavily armed, equiped with two heavy Grav Lasers, four Chemlasers, four Particle Beams, eight Fusion Cannons, two dozen Lance Torpedo launch tubes, and four sqaudrons of starfighters.  It can also land a battalion of Tech Infantry marines on a planetary surface using a fifty-trooper Transit Beacon and a dozen Assault Pinnaces.

The Revenge class are also the only warships armed with a Grav Lance anti-shield weapon, which uses the ship's gravity drive to power a short range (1000 KM Range) gravitic beam weapon.  This device can overload an enemy gravity shield, causing the enemy's grav drive to shut down and leaving the vessel open to attack.  It can also be used to make a jump point collapse, causing the enemy's grav drive to explode and destroying the target in the process.  The weapon can also be used to send powerful grav waves to cause severe structual damage to target ships that don't have a gravity shield.

In addition to the improved gravity drive, also has an auxilliary engine in the form of a specially-shielded ion drive system for making slower but extremely stealthy approaches against enemy targets without using the gravity drive (since even the best stealth suite can't mask gravity waves).

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Revenge BC-36 (Flagship of Battlecruiser Squadron 3 under Admiral Baker, destroyed with all hands at Battle of Avalon, August 2243)
  • EFS Repulse BC-37 (Replacement flagship of BatCruRon3 under Erich Von Shrakenberg, self-destructed to destroy Avalon-Wilke's Star jumpgate, ending Battle of Avalon, August 2243)
  • EFS Renown BC-38 (Part of TF 54, destroyed at Battle of Mars, July 2243)
  • EFS Resurgam BC-39
  • EFS Reliant BC-40
  • EFS Respect BC-41
  • EFS Sovereign BC-42
  • EFS Superb BC-43
  • EFS Sceptre BC-44
  • EFS Spartan BC-45 (Part of TF 54, crippled and captured by the Resistance at Battle of Mars, July 2243)
  • EFS Splendid BC-46
  • EFS Swiftsure BC-47
  • EFS Triumph BC-48
  • EFS Talent BC-49
  • EFS Tireless BC-50
  • EFS Torrent BC-51 (captured by Resistance during seizure of Earth System, February 2243, renamed RBC Valley Forge; destroyed at Battle of Mars, July 2243)
  • EFS Turbulent BC-52
  • EFS Trenchant BC-53
  • EFS Valiant BC-54
  • EFS Vengeance BC-55
  • EFS Vanguard BC-56 (Part of TG 23.4, ferried DesRon 15 to Battle of New Madrid, 2243)
  • EFS Victory BC-57
  • EFS Vigilant BC-58
  • EFS Visionary BC-59

Behind the ScenesEdit

These ships were designed by Martin Hohner based on a concept by Nathan Bax.  They are named in alphabetical batches in imitation of Royal Navy naming schemes.

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