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Fox had this painting commissioned upon his elevation to the Grand Council.

Colonel Richard Fox was a mage who eventually became the head of Internal Security and a member of the 2nd Triumvirate. He was later killed by a Liberation bomb during the 2nd Civil War.

Early History[]

Fox grew up on Earth, and after he awakened, he was drafted into the Tech Infantry in 2197. Richard was assigned to the 86th Platoon and under the command of Lwan Eddington. He served honorably during the Bug War and was later involved with the events that led to the downfall of the 1st Triumvirate.

Father of Internal Security[]

After his service during the 1st Civil War, Richard was promoted to captain, and was initially posted to Military Intelligence due to his expertise with information systems. However, fears of a resurgent Technocracy led to expansion of Internal Security into an intelligence gathering force. Fox was recruited into this new organization and was responsible for creating the infamous InSec database. For this feat of modern computing, he was promoted to major, and was put in charge of intelligence administration.

By 2209

, the War of Blood had gone underground, and if the Crusader Teams were expected to track down vampires, they needed good intelligence coordination. Major Fox coordinated these efforts and was incredibly successful. Because of this, he was awarded the Earth Fleet Commendation Medal, and his fame became great as one of the Fed's rising officers. It was after this event that he was contacted by the dormant Technocracy. He joined with them to advance his own career and their own power.

Fox was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 2214, showing the increasing importance of the analysts under his division. Through his connections, InSec gradually took over all intel gathering, and gained even more powers thanks to further help from the Senate. Eventually he became the Deputy Director of Intelligence in 2218, the second-in-command of Internal Security. It was there that he built up the number of agents and analysts to their highest levels, turning the organization into the behemoth that it became. It is these efforts that is often called the Father of Internal Security. He was the natural choice to be appointed as head of InSec in 2220 by the Grand Council and promoted to full colonel.

2nd Triumvirate[]

Maeve Harrington, the leader of the largest corporation in the Federation, began to expand her political contacts. Married to Lwan Eddington, whom she got named Marshal of the Tech Infantry, there were fears that she wanted to rule the Federation as a kingmaker. Richard Fox feared Maeve's intentions, so he contacted his old war buddy, Colonel Arthur Clarke (then head of the Tech Infantry Special Service). They agreed that Harrington (and Eddington) were a threat to the Federation's stability and joined forces. However, they were weak in the political arena, so they managed to convince Senator Samuel Wall (President of the Senate) to join them. Together, they formed the 2nd Triumvirate in 2222 and blocked Harrington from Federation politics.

Harrington moved openly to oppose the Triumvirate and waged a political battle over the Senate elections that ended up causing a stalemate. Crucial legislation failed to get passed and the government shut down from a lack of a budget. Fialla Spencer worked as a mediator between the Harrington and Triumvirate factions and managed a compromise to keep the Fed bureaucracy running. Spencer would be utilized several times to break the loggerhead on many issues. But in 2223, Spencer was killed on board the EFS Madrid, and the 2nd Triumvirate moved to finally eliminate Harrington's power. With the Bugs eliminated from all known systems (save Fieras), the Grand Council ended its military contracts with the Ferret Works, a Harrington company. With their cash flow weakened, the Triumvirate promoted a scandal with Lwan Eddington, who was imprisoned on G2 for having an affair with Brigette Campbell, another officer. With her monetary and military connections severed, the Triumvirate moved to break up Harrington Industries under anti-trust legislation (recently passed in the Senate). Seeing the endgame of the Triumvirate, Maeve felt she had no choice but to stop them by any means necessary. She threw her corporation's support to the Liberation and open war was declared.

2nd Civil War[]

Colonel Richard Fox did not remain long to enjoy his supremacy. In 2224, he was supposedly killed by Liberation bomb, but rumors abound of his escape. Some say that his consciousness was preserved by his son, Charles Babbage, as an AI. However, his influence ended with his physical death. Senator Samuel Wall mysteriously disappeared and Colonel Arthur Clarke allowed the Tech Infantry leadership to assume control of the Earth Federation.

Behind the Scenes[]

This was Joel's character and when the universe reset was done in the middle of Season 3, he suddenly became leader of InSec, which was a shadowy, undefined department at the time. His portrayal of this organization led it to be the boogeyman it became in all of the Seasons 4. His Actor Avatar is actually General Charles Richard Fox, Surveyor-General of England, a pic we found with an internet search for "Richard Fox".