If only the RA was this well equipped.

The Righteous Army was the primary military branch of the Christian Federation during the 3rd Civil War. Officially led by Andrew Tremont but actually led by "deputy commander" Sword Calton Reks, it was a strangely effective military force, despite its lack of supplies or gear.

What it lacked in munitions, it made up for having recruits of incredibly high morale (believing they were in a holy cause), good officers (many of them former Tech Infantry or Light Infantry personnel), who trained their troops to exploit flaws in Earth Federation tactics.

To make up for their flaws in materiel, they seized freighters and converted them into troop carriers, from which to land in overwhelming numbers on a planet's surface. Unfortunately, Tremont often seized every system in his path, instead of just the important ones, in his lust for power and control.

Calton Reks tried to overcome the severe lack of power armor by creating a few mechs designed to defeat them. Called the All-Father Project, it soon bore fruit after two months of testing. Unfortunately, the project had been infiltrated by Alistar Dimiye, who took the prototype back to the Federation.

Once the Tech Infantry Rebels were defeated, the Grand Council Loyalists turned their fleets towards the Christian Federation and mopped it up easily. The final battle of San Angeles was the last gasp of the Righteous Army.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The term "Righteous Army" comes from the Korean freedom fighters during the Japanese occupation(s) of the peninsula. Much like their namesakes, they were big on determination, low on ammo.

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