Robert Mason

"Are we clear councilor?" "Crystal clear."

Robert Mason is the Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister for the Ministry of Public Safety.

General InformationEdit

Robert Mason served as a member of the Light Infantry for 18 years before having his hip broken while putting down riots on New Paris that were a reaction to Arthur Clarke's Five Acts. In spite of the best efforts of modern medicine and life mages his wound never fully healed. He was given a medical discharge and left the LI with a rank of major.

After leaving the military, Mason returned to his home planet of Phoenix. He went to law school and afterwords became an effective and respected attorney. Several years later, he entered politics and was elected as a representitive for his home city on the planetary council. After two terms in office, he did not run for re-election and instead became a political consultant. Due to his well respected reputation, he was appointed by Aisha Ramirez who is currently the Chief Minister for the Ministry of Public Safety, to the position of chief advisor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Robert Mason of course is derived from Perry Mason, and so his Actor Avatar is Raymond Burr. The first name was changed to Robert. The player that created the NPC knew a person in his high school named Robert Mason. He was an offensive lineman on his JV football team.

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