The Rokea were weresharks and thought to be the oldest of the werecreature species

The original goal of the Rokea was to protect the sea. They had a close alliance with the Mokole, but were hostile towards the Garou Tribes, Bestat Tribes, and other Fera Groups.

While the Rokea can move around on land, they have a hard time standing still when out of water. This made them horrible soldiers so they were not forced to enlist in the TI.

Because they were so dependent on the ecological and environmental conditions of oceans on Earth, they never started colonies on other planets. Being so dependent on Earth led to their downfall, when Earth Fleet officer Erich Von Shrakenberg commanded a starship into the core of the moon at nearly the speed of light. When the moon was destroyed, millions of large fragments slammed into the Earth. The surface was melted into lava and the oceans boiled off into steam. The handful of Rokea who managed to evacuate with the Resistance members before it became impossible to land a shuttle on the surface failed to adapt to the oceans of Avalon or any other colony world, and unable to relax into Carcharous form and commune with the sea, they soon died or committed suicide. The lineage is currently believed to be extinct.

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