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An older class of "Fleet Destroyers," the Rota-class destroyer made use of several then-experimental technologies.  Along with their heavy complement of lance torpedo tubes for their size, they had the experimental PD/SRAM (Point Defence/Short Range Attack Missile) system, which consisted of 8 rapid-fire Blackhawk Missile tubes that used modified fighter missiles for either medium-range point defense against fighters and incoming torpedoes, or short-range offensive use against larger warships.  They also have an experimental pulse-fusion drive system that gives them a rather bumpy ride but good acceleration for such a small ship at a very low cost in reaction mass.  Additionally, the nature of this drive system necessitated an extremely well-armored pusher plate at the aft end of the ship, and in combat this plate could be turned to face an enemy and harmlessly absorb incoming enemy fire, to a point, albeit at the cost of facing the ship's own weapon system firing arcs away from the incoming fire.  Neither the missile or pulse-fusion drive system was ever used in another ship, and several ships in this class were cancelled before completing construction, but surviving members of this class are still in service 50 years later.  This class is also the basis for the new Stornoway-class experimental advanced destroyers.

Known Ships[]

  • EFS Rota DF-1074
  • EFS Bluefields DF-1075
  • EFS Rabaul DF-1076
  • EFS Ulithi DF-1077
  • EFS Abbeville DF-1078
  • EFS Faslane DF-10 DF-1080
  • EFS Polyarnyy DF-1083
  • EFS Atsugi DF-1084
  • EFS Pusan DF-1085
  • EFS Singapore DF-1087
  • EFS Gibraltar DF-1088
  • EFS Guantanamo bay DF-1090
  • EFS Truk DF-1091
  • EFS Aviano DF-1092
  • EFS Cheyenne Mountain DF-1093
  • EFS Fort McHenry DF-1095
  • EFS Pearl Harbor DF-1096
  • EFS Cavite DF-1097
  • EFS Bremerton DF-1098
  • EFS Vladivostock DF-1100
  • EFS Fylingdales DF-1101
  • EFS Rammstein DF-1102
  • EFS Foggia DF-1103
  • EFS Brize Norton DF-1104
  • EFS Portsmouth DF-1105
  • EFS Solent DF-1106
  • EFS Oran DF-1107
  • EFS Santiago DF-1108
  • EFS Dharan DF-1110
  • EFS Keflavik DF-1112
  • EFS Petropavlovsk DF-1114

Behind the Scenes[]

This class was designed retroactively to be the basis for the later Stornoway-class way back in Season 4.2 by Martin Hohner.  At the time, very little starship-based technobabble was established for this game, and Martin had recently read The Stone Dogs by S.M. Stirling, which featured interplanetary warships of this rough design.  That's why this one class is so different from every other: at the time, it was the ONLY class designed.  Ships in this class are named for famous military bases, naval ports, fortifications, and airstrips.