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Sleek, deadly, and fast

For the type of ghost, see Wraith.

The Ferret Works S-27 Wraith is a recently-introduced starfighter originally built for Earth Fleet by the Ferret Works division of Harrington Industries.  It is a two-seat fighter capable of both space-based and atmospheric operation, and has an advanced stealth suite  that make it difficult to spot on sensors.  It was introduced after the end of the Third Civil War as part of Arthur Clarke's efforts to increase the abilities of Earth Fleet to offer fire support for ground operations.

The Wraith is armed with both the usual rapid-fire under-nose railgun as well as a tail turret armed with a 50mm chemlaser.  In its belly is a weapons bay capable of carrying a wide variety of air-to-ground and space-to-space ordnance, up to and including a pair of Blackhawk Missiles.  The railgun has a dual-feed system allowing it to switch between microfusion rounds for use against other starfighters and capital ships in space, or a belt of air-to-ground ammo with alternating armor-piercing and fragmentation rounds so they can be used on either armored vehicles and installations or to strafe enemy troops caught in the open.

Behind the Scenes[]

The S-27 Wraith was introduced in Marcus Johnston's novella Prayer for the Technocrats, when the author needed a starfighter for Ivan Sun to fly which had both two seats and the ability to land on a planet and take off again while still operating in space.