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Swift and Nimble

This is now the most common fighter in the fleet.  It carries two packs of five each Redhawk Missiles, mounted on either side of the cockpit.  She also has a single railgun under the nose and a pair of 15-cm fixed chemlasers on the wingtips.  The Warhawk can enter the uppermost layers of a planetary atmosphere, but cannot penetrate to ground level without burning up.  There is also a single internal light modular missile bay at the aft of the underside, behind the railgun.  This fighter is designed primarily to eliminate enemy figthers, not attack and kill heavy warships.  The Warhawk is produced in the Blackbird asteroid mining belt of Phoenix by the Blackbird Yards subsidiary of Harrington Industries.

Behind the Scenes[]

The design of this fighter was inspired both by the propulsion system of the Starfury from Babylon 5 and by the Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler heavy interceptor of the Soviet Air Force.