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The new SF-2.1 Fang strike fighter is the latest and most advanced K'Nes starfighter from the Gurrmew Construction Yards in K'Laek. Based on the legendary classic Fang starfighter, the workhorse of the old K'Nes Tor Navy, the Fang 2.1 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to include the latest advancements in avionics, sensor, stealth, and weapons technology! ORDER YOURS TODAY!

A versatile all-purpose starfighter, the SF-2.1 Fang can dogfight in both space AND planetary atmosphere - and even land on a planetary surface! Like all Gurrmew & Yeomurt starfighters, the new SF-2.1 Fang is of course equipped with a stealth suite.

SPACE: Although the closely-placed thrusters (necessary for atmospheric flight) make the Fang somewhat less maneuverable than other starfighter models, the powerful primary engine delivers incredible speed! Equipped with two wingtip-mounted 25-cm heavy chemlasers, that crucial first strike is guaranteed in a dogfight!* Two rapid-fire, high-velocity heavy railguns are located under the cockpit, one or both of which can be loaded with microfusion shells for use against hostile starfighters or starships. The Fang's dorsal modular weapons bay can be installed with rocket pods (sold separately) equipped with up to six medium anti-fighter missiles! Want to take out a capital ship? No problem! The modular bay can also accommodate a different rocket pod carrying a pair of heavy anti-ship missiles!

AIR: Supporting ground operations has never been easier. One or both of the Fang's railguns can be loaded with fragmentation rounds for use against hostile troops, and/or armor-piecing explosive rounds for use against enemy ground installations and armored vehicles. Better yet, the modular weapons bay can be fitted with rocket pods filled with up to eight light air-to-air and/or air-to-ground missiles!

The Fang seats two pilots in a tandem cockpit - but can, of course, be modified (for a modest additional fee) into a one-seat cockpit to accommodate our Jurvain and Vulthra customers.

The new SF-2.1 Fang is available NOW for only 19,999,999.99 Llan credits! And for a limited time only, Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP is offering a full squadron of twelve for only 215,999,999.99 - that's 10% off the per-unit price! Act now! This offer won't last forever, and supplies are going fast!

DISCLAIMER: Ordinance and fuel not included. Missile pods sold separately. Warranty voided by combat. Not for sale or resale to humans. Offer void in the Holy Terran Empire.[]
* First strike not guaranteed. Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP not liable for loss of life or property due to hostile first strike.[]

Behind the Scenes[]

The Fang was designed by player Ed Stasheff, and inspired by the shape of a medieval axe head.