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The Salubri are a clan of Vampires, and one of the outer clans of the Camarilla.


The Salubri trace their lineage back to Saulot, the favorite Childe of Enoch himself and a healer in the ancient City of Enoch. Always uncomfortable with his new Beastial nature, Salubri left the city before the Flood and traveled to the mystical East in search of enlightenment. He found it, and was the first Vampire to achieve the state of Golconda. Returning to the ancient Mideast with this secret, he founded his clan as a secret society of mystics, healers, and teachers, who supposedly only ever numbered seven vampires at one time. On his way back from the east, however, he passed a village of demon-worshipping mortal tribesmen, and their bloody rituals of sacrifice, cannibalism, and child mutilation shocked even a vampire. Enraged at their sheer evil, Saulot slaughtered them all and dumped their bodies in one of their own sacrificial pits. Repenting of this violence, he blessed the mass grave with a sprinkling of a few drops of his own blood. That was all it took, when three of the drops fell into the open mouths of three of the corpses, and those three arose the next day in an extreme thirst and blood frenzy. In the grip of this insanity, they slaked their thirst with whatever blood remained of their fellow tribesmen, and set out to resume their lives of demon-worship and sadistic torture, now with the additional powers of vampires and the unspeakable urges of the beast within them. These became the Baali, a sect of Vampires cruel and inhuman even by Vampire standards. While the Salubri clan founded by Saulot upon his return home became early members of the Camarilla, continuing their researches into healing powers and the peace of Golconda under that organization's protection, their Baali offshoots joined the Sabbat. Saulot himself was diablerized by the Tremere clan founders, but as this was apparently a willing sacrifice in hopes of their obtaining some of his enlightenment, his clan bears the Tremere no ill will because of it. The Salubri leadership were instrumental in negotiating the truce between the Earth Federation and the Camarilla which led to the founding of the Kingdom of Enoch and the appearance of Black Hand Ghouls in the Tech Infantry. The Baali were mostly wiped out during Gehenna, but a few of them apparently survive, still within the ranks of the Sabbat.

Clan Traits[]

When Saulot returned from the east, he had developed a third eye in the middle of his forehead, apparently a symbol of his enlightenment. Most of his Childer share this trait, as well as his powers of healing and calm. They generally embrace only the most noble of mortal souls, those who do not deserve to die, but who can be saved from death only by their embrace. Traditionally, a Salubri would find a mortal to be their apprentice and successor, teach them much of what they needed to achieve Golconda, and then once the Sire had achieved that state (or despaired of ever succeeding in his quest), would willingly submit to being drained and diablerized by their own childe. This means that while the Salubri are tiny in number and peaceful by disposition, they are all of very low generation and extremely powerful individuals.