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Samuel Wall was a human who became one of the most influential and successful power brokers in the Earth Federation. He was one of the members of the2nd Triumvirate and had a brief rise to power during the 3rd Civil War before he was killed by Erich Von Shrakenberg.

Early History[]

Samuel was born in 2179; he grew up on Earth as the son of an investment broker in Belize. The Walls stayed on the periphery of Fed power, using what connections they had to improve their business assets. Samuel's father died when he was ten, leaving his grieving mother to raise him. Unable to shake her own depression, she wisely sent her son to boarding school off-planet on Avalon. There he learned to rub shoulders with many of the men and women he would work with later in the Senate.


After graduating from the University of New Chicago, with his home destroyed and his family dead, Samuel had nothing to lose. Using his connections and his family's wealth, he secured a role as a senatorial aide in the new legislative body that emerged out of the 1st Civil War. This gave him ground floor access to the new political parties that were being created at that time. He soon joined the Agrarian Democrats, and upon the next election, managed to secure a seat in San Angeles, becoming the youngest member of the Senate at the age of 24.

As he built up his party's influence in the Senate, he established a new home in his constituency. There he met a woman and began having a relationship with her. However, when he saw the opportunity to ally with a political rival by marrying his daughter, Samuel dumped his girlfriend. When she later admitted becoming pregnant, Wall found her a wealthy husband in a supporter's company (Olin Industries) and paid her off to keep quiet. She had a son soon after her shotgun wedding, whom they named Andrea Treschi.

With his political marriage secured, Wall's career blossomed. He created a political faction that elements of later joined the Minority Coalition. Over time, he turned the Senate into a real force within the Federation, and not just a rubberstamp for the Technocracy. His influence was so well known he began being called "the Factor."

2nd Triumvirate[]

His new faction eventually became so powerful that he was elected to the Grand Council in 2216. By the 2220 election, his Agrarian Democrats and allies achieved a plurality, elevating him to President of the Senate. It was in this role that he was approached by Richard Fox and Arthur Clarke to oppose the increased influence of Maeve Harrington. Together they formed the 2nd Triumvirate, and through a series of manuevers, politically neutralized Harrington's faction. Unforunately, left with no political options, she threw her support behindthe Resistance and started the 2nd Civil War.

With the assassination of Richard Fox, Samuel Wall saw the writing on the wall. In order to escape the chaos, he fled to the Eastern Bloc, abandoning his power base that became far too unstable at the time. His self-imposed exile left Arthur Clarke forced to turn over political power to the Tech Infantry.


Since Samuel Wall had met many important heads of state, including Emperor Chiang I, it was obvious that he would offer his services to the Eastern Bloc first. Although his power base was lost, he still had a network of contacts within the Federation. Chiang recognized his worth and appointed him to the Imperial Court. He acted as an advisor to the Emperor and managed to diffuse many conflicts before they erupted into larger issues. Unforunately, it's hard to know what his actions were within the court, since as a gweilo, his role was completely unofficial and attributed to others.

3rd Civil War[]

When conflict erupted again within the Fed, Wall knew it was time to return. Using his contacts withinInternal Security, he arrived right as the Grand Council was destroyed, allowing him to manuever in position to take over the new order. Unforunately for him, his interference in the Battle of Avalon led to Kristen Vorheis seeing him as a threat to Earth Fleet's opportunity for increased influence in the new Grand Council being formed after the assassination of the previous one by Rashid King. So she sent Erich Von Shrakenberg to demand he step aside or at least play ball with the Fleet faction. When he refused, Von Shrakenberg killed the Factor, allowing for the rise of Arthur Clarke and his absolute rule for the next 20 years.

Behind the Scenes[]

Factor Wall is the name of the perverted villain in "The Machiavelli Interface" by Steve Perry, one of Bax's (and Marcus') favorite books. When Bax needed a third person to help Fox and Clarke, that person was naturally called Wall. Originally a cameo NPC, he was used in Treschi's storyline in Season 4.3 as a way to gain control of the Fed. Of course, having Chris' previous character take over instead worked just as well... just not for Treschi. His Actor Avatar is Patrick Stewart.