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San Angeles is a system in the galactic north of the Earth Federation.


Originally a barren rock in space, it was first colonized as a purely military outpost in 2187. When the Coral Sea Treaty made some Horadrim technology available 15 years later, San Angeles was used as a test site for a new Terraforming process utilizing several aspects borrowed from a Horadrim technique known to humans as the Gaia Process. This worked spectacularly well, and a wide equatorial belt of the planet came to have a pleasant Mediterranean/Southern Californian climate. Intense immigration of colonists from other systems proceeded throughout the first third of the 23rd century, with the San Angeles anchoring a growing and prosperous Northern Rim. As is often the case with mass migrations, the new settlers were largely a mix of ambitious go-getters out to make their fortune on the wild frontier, and unpleasant outcasts who could not fit into general society back home. Both groups of people looking to make a fresh start were fertile recruiting ground for religious missionaries of all types.

Then, in 2243, it became the capital system for the newly-established Christian Federation. Their harshy moralistic rule clashed with the freewheeling frontier spirit of previous decades, and resulting unrest led to oppressive crackdowns. Sabotage operations carried out by Federation spies and Resistance members devastated the orbital industrial infrastructure in particular. When troops loyal to the resurgent Earth Federation of Arthur Clarke retook the system in early 2244, the fighting was fierce and destructive, with millions of civilian casualties.

Two decades later, when the Caal Invasion brought the Federation crashing down, San Angeles was one of the many frontier worlds that grouped together under the Ministry of Public Safety, which soon allied with the Rump Federation of Joseph Smythe. However, many on San Angeles and other former Christian Federation worlds resented the Federation for the postwar occupation, which was even harsher than the previous Christian rule, and the suspicious circumsances of the assassination of Aisha Ramirez shortly after she signed the treaty of merger with the Federation led to a series of uprisings and riots.

Into this maelstrom stepped Andrew Tremont, the former ruler of the Christian Federation. He had been thought dead in the chaos of the Federation recapture of his worlds at the end of the Third Civil War, but had actually gone into hiding. He re-emerged in 2265, declaring that Emperor Vin Dane was in fact the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and that all good Christians should bow down and worship him as Lord. This galvanized and united the various factions unhappy with Federation rule and led to what became known as the Red Spring, as these factions united behind the idea of incorporation into the new Holy Terran Empire. It worked, and when the Rump Federation fell apart after the death of Joseph Smythe, San Angeles and the neighboring systems were brought into the Empire peacefully with a minimum of fuss. Andrew Tremont was rewarded for this by being granted rulership over the three core worlds of the former Christian Federation, with his noble seat on San Angeles as before. Noble fiefs over the other worlds, and the cities and continents therof, were distributed among the various surviving church officials and Red Spring faction leaders, as junior members of House Tremont.

Behind the ScenesEdit

San Angeles was named after the San Diego-Los Angeles metroplex that was the setting for the Sylvester Stallone film, Demolition Man.

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