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This coven has grown weak, decadent.

Santino is a vampire that is a member of the Sabbat.

General Information[]

Santino is considered to be Mordred's progeny. Crusdader Team intelligence regarding Santino is very limited. It is known that he is a Priscus within the Sabbat and chief advisor to the Regent, who is Mordred. He is also Mordred's lieutenant and believed to be the equivelant of chief of security.

His birth date is a mystery, but it is known that many centuries ago he was a former Camarilla Brujah Justicar prior to joining the Sabbat.

Behind the Scenes[]

This NPC was created by a former Game Master. For additional information about Santino, he will need to be contacted. In the meantime, his Actor Avatar is Bill Nighy.