Sarah Dunmeyer or "Auntie Sarah" (as she was popularly known) was one of the most annoying and most effective supreme commanders that theEarth Federation ever produced. She led a coup in 2241 against Chairman Abdul Johnson's Grand Council that failed, leading to the 3rd Civil War. Sarah led the Tech Infantry faction and managed to gain ground up until her ill-conceived plan to attack Avalon. She was assassinated soon afterwards by a coup in her own faction, led by General Joel Fabin.

Character[edit | edit source]

At social affairs, she was known to be grudgingly polite, otherwise she is crude, obnoxious, tempermental, and nervous. Although a "bitch queen" on the outside, she tended to be quite a loner, except for caring for her sister's kids, whom she visited whenever she could. This earned the sobroquet "Auntie Sarah." Otherwise, she considered herself to be the Mom of the Tech Infantry, with the Earth Fleet and Light Infantry being second in her affection. Assured that she was always right, she seldom took advice, and regretted that the TI ever let go control of the government after the 2nd Civil War.

Tech Infantry Service[edit | edit source]

Although she served with distinction through the 1st and 2nd Civil War, she was always limited in her promotion prospects because of her blunt, uncompromising attitude. Her willingness to take unpopular assignments turned out to be her path to success, eventually rising her to the rank of Brigadier-General.

The Assualt on Wilke's Star changed her life. Through sheer force of will, she claimed victory out of the fiasco that resulted. Sarah managed this by overruling three higher ranking generals, demolishing a major city, and court-martialled four prominent officers until she got command of the entire invasion force. Then she promptly demolished both the Liberation and Sabbat forces opposing her. Her victory was such a massive success that avoided court-martial herself and won the praise of the nascent Populist Party in the Senate.

Her political allies maneuvered her into the Marshal's position in 2240, while she managed to consolidate the various veteran's organizations into one voting bloc. This allowed them to achieve parity with the Technocracy and Harrington factions in the Senate and Grand Council. The elections in 2242 fell in favor of Abdul Johnson and his Liberty Party (Technocracy). The loss of balance in the government made Dunmeyer fear for her safety and those of the armed forces. This led to her failed coup and the 3rd Civil War.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Sarah was named after a real person that Marcus met on a mission trip to Hillsboro, Ohio. At last report, the real namesake was quite happily married and oblivious of this reference.

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