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"Praise be upon him who saves us from the Caal."

Scyr was the name used by a magickal construct created by Tech Infantry major and spirit mage Osvald Dixon in an attempt to protect himself from possession by a Caal. During Season 9, the construct eventually broke down, destroyed Osvald, and was ultimately killed by the Orb at the instruction of Empress Miranda. The freed Caal then went on to seize the Orb and kill Vin Dane before assuming his role as Holy Terran Emperor.


Jennifer's Star[]

Scyr first appeared on Jennifer's Star shortly after the Caal invasion wiped out most of the population. Pirate gangs, petty thieves, and Earth Fleet deserters descended upon the system to squat and loot its abandoned infrastructure. As these various factions began to coalesce to form the Republic, Scyr made a small fortune selling derelict Earth Fleet and Tech Infantry equipment to rising warlords, most of it acquired from the wreck of the Chalons, one of the Tech Infantry's Marathon-class assault transports. Once that windfall was depleted, however, Scyr settled into the reviving capital of Jennifer's Star and quickly proved to be a shrewd financier, turning his small fortune into a much larger one.

Unfortunately for Scyr, his business acumen never translated into social grace or political savvy. Outspoken and eccentric, he managed to offend Kazimir Vitek by publicly mocking one of the future Chairman's schemes for consolidating the Republic's future and position within explored space. Obstinance and a little naiveté prevented Scyr from ever backing down from his criticisms, eventually earning him the lasting enmity of Vitek. While the other warlords and politicians on Jennifer's Star were able to shield Scyr from some of the consequences of his behavior at first, Vitek's ascension as Chairman of the Terran Republic represented a mortal threat which Scyr did not recognize until too late.

Massacre at Babylon[]

In January, 2265, Chairman Vitek finally had enough. Two dozen of his armed thugs descended on Scyr's penthouse apartment in Dynametro for the assassination attempt. Though most of his bodyguards were killed, Scyr himself survived, barely. Rather than wait around for Vitek's men to finish the job, Scyr fled Jennifer's Star aboard the private freighter Scum Sucker.

Scyr did not flee the Republic, however. Instead, he directed the Scum Sucker to the Republic's capital world, Babylon and bribed the crew into arranging a long-range cee-fractional kinetic strike against the planet. The freighter's crew believed the attack was merely an attempt to distract Babylonian Orbital Defense as part of an elaborate heist Scyr had arranged. In reality, Scyr sabotaged the planetary defenses to diminish the chance of interception. Then he seized control of the Scum Sucker's computer systems to direct the ship on a kamikaze run at Babylon's capital city, where he forced the freighter's fusion reactor into a critical overload, effectively turning it into a large fusion bomb.

The resulting explosion and subsequent bombardment of the most populated region of Babylon produced massive casualties and destabilized the fledgling government of the Terran Republic.

Terran Navy[]

Scyr's plan was not quite as successful as he thought, however. His attack drew the attention of Andrea Treschi, who caught up with Scyr at a spaceport bar on the far side of Babylon. Treschi revealed himself as the architect behind the formation of the Terran Republic and offered Scyr a choice: work for Treschi to strengthen the Republic, or die. Scyr agreed to lead the reformation and expansion of the Terran Navy, and Treschi secured his appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Strategic Operations from the Executive Committee the very next day.

With the help of his new Chief of Staff Aaron Roquefort, Scyr implemented Operation SEASCAPE, a multi-facted plan for quickly securing a new starfleet for the Navy. This included mass-production of low-cost (and low-survivability) fighters (Project CARBONATE) and commandeering large numbers of privately owned vessels to serve as converted warships (Operation PEGBOARD). These ships were then hastily assembled to form 6th Fleet, the Terran Navy's first operational battlefleet.

And do you know what the Great Khan did?

In March of 2265, Scyr assembled a task force from this new fleet and personally led them in battle against a small force of Imperial warships blockading the Wolf system. While the battle was ultimately a success, Scyr's initial tactical errors nearly resulted in the total destruction of the task force as soon as it passed through the jumpgate. Ultimately, Scyr was able to recover from his mistakes and recapture the system, but 6th Fleet's losses were nearly 50%.

During the course of the battle, Scyr himself narrowly survived assassination when Imperial marines boarded his flagship, the Scalable Brutality, by making a magickal escape into the Umbra.

After liberating Wolf, Scyr began immediate preparations to continue 6th Fleet's offensive and invade the Earth system. However, before the new task force could depart, Scyr received a message from Andrea Treschi, recalling the Assistant Secretary to Dalien, headquarters of Project BREWHOUSE.

At Dalien, Treschi expressed his displeasure at Scyr's battle performance and suicidal new battle plans, and attempted to restrain the Assitant Secretary's operational freedom in response. He gave Scyr the options of confinement in Dalien, joining the Terran Army as a grunt fighting the Bugs, or death. When Scyr attempted to flee into the Umbra again, Treschi pursued him, and the two fought a short battle. Gravely injured, Scyr only barely survived due to a botched attempt at crossing the Gauntlet dropping him into the middle of an Imperial Army training base in the Cronos system. He immediately announced a desire to defect to the Holy Terran Empire.

Quest to Kill Vin Dane[]

Although he did defect to the Empire, when he reached the Avalon system, he suddenly freaked out, destroying the transport he was on before escaping back into hyperspace. He put together the parts he needed for a Life Mask and then returned. Using the family contact he had previous killed in his escape, he breached the Imperial Palace, releasing a spell to yank Vin Dane's mage avatar from his body. Weakened, he failed to kill the Emperor, and after failing to convince the TI/Sabbat strike team to join him, he kidnapped Agent Five to retrieve the Orb for him. This led to Agent Five getting the Orb, but only at the cost of killing Scyr.

Behind the Scenes[]

Neil Patrick Harris has been suggested as his Actor Avatar. Other details on the origins of his character concept are shrouded in secrecy, pending some big revelation in-story about the nature of his character. He has been named a Caal, a Nephandi, a Mage with schizophrenia, and a pain in the ass.