Make sure you grab it by the right end.

Shocksticks (also known as stunsticks, shock clubs, etc.) are electrified batons, delivering a high-voltage, low-current electric shock to the target.  This results in strong involuntary muscle contractions in the victim, causing them to collapse to the ground and leaving then dazed and stunned for a few seconds afterward, although it rarely knocks them unconscious.  Once the power cell is drained, a shockstick can still be used as a regular club.  Shocksticks are used by police and other security forces, prison guards, and torturers.

When used on the elderly, injured, disabled, or young children, a shockstick can be accidentally lethal.  They are effective on humans, K'Nes, and Horadrim, and are most likely effective on Jurvain or Vulthra as well (although that has never been confirmed).  They have no effect on Bugs.  Supernaturally tough people such as werecreatures, vampires, and some mages may find the shock more annoying than anything and laugh it off. 

Detailed view of a collapsible shockstick.

Shocksticks have no effect on anyone wearing power armor.  Targets wearing delta armor or zeta armor are also mostly immune to shocksticks, unless a gap in the armor can be found and exploited.

The average shockstick is about two feet long.  Some models are collapsible, employing several telescoping sections, for ease of carrying or concealing.  More exotic forms of shocksticks are rare, but possible (like the elctrified nunchuks used by BIll Balogh). 

Behind the ScenesEdit

Shocksticks, of course, have been a staple of science fiction for decades, and in recent years have become a science reality.  More detailed information on reali-life shocksticks or other electroshock weapons can be found here.

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