Only wimps use the upper arm, real hardcore addicts go right to the brainstem

A skintab is a small cloth-based patch containing a liquid or powder form of a drug or medication, applied to the skin to diffuse into the bloodstream through the epidermis. A highly advanced development of pre-space technology such as nicotine patches, these can be used both for legitimate medical purposes (such as analgesics like Somjijok for chronic pain, or stimulants to keep tired soldiers awake on watch) and for less savory uses (such as tranquilizers like Queller to keep kidnap victims quiet, or psychoactive drugs such as Nuke used for brainstemming).

In the TI story cannon thus far, adrenaline skintabs have been used to keep exhausted repair crews awake and alert, by soldiers to use the combat drug FTS, by junkies to get an opium fix, and by assassins to poison their victims.

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