A gauss submachine gun designed for use by power-armored members of a Crusader Team. Note the large opening for a gloved hand on the trigger.

"Slugthrower" is a slang term for any gun that fires actual bullets instead of plasma bursts, laser beams, or other high-tech projectiles. Anything from a Napoleonic musket to a 20th-century assault rifle can be called a slugthrower. Even Gauss Guns and other magnet-based projectile weapons are often called Slugthrowers by those who prefer more flashy firearms. Except for the largest-caliber weapons, they are generally not very effective against supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, or ghouls, who can quickly heal the damage from a bullet wound. However, with silver bullets, phosphorus incendiary rounds, or other specialized ammunition, they can surprise even the hardiest immortal with fatal results.

The MK-50 Assault Carbine was the standard gauss rifle of the Light Infantry.  It fired a 10mm bitanium explosive-tipped round from a 300-shot magazine, had a rate of fire up to 6000 rounds per minute, and a range of 4,500 feet. It also has an under-barrel modular component rack that could mount an electromag plasma grenade launcher, a 50mm micro missile launcher, or a plasma flamer.

The MK-150 Assault Cannon was a scaled-up version of the MK-50 for the Tech Infantry, but was so large and heavy it could only be used by troopers in power armor, or supernaturally strong people like werecreatures, vampires, ghouls, and some mages.  It fired a 20mm round from a 600-shot magazine, had the same range and rate of fire as the MK-50, and also had an under-barrel modular rack.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The MK-50 and MK-150 were originally created by Nathan Bax for the Tech Infantry universe back when it was still a tabletop role-playing game, which is why we have so many details about them.

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