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Two sniper drones in their storage box

When soldiers in the Light Infantry or Tech Infantry are so badly injured in combat that the only way to save their lives is to turn them into Cyborgs, many of them make use of their new abilities to become snipers. In such cases, they are fitted with equipment to send control signals to and receive reconnaissance information from small insect-like robot drones. These devices can fly at up to 40 kilometers per hour, have a range of up to 20 kilometers, and can operate for brief periods on autopilot if the control signal is lost. They are generally equipped with cameras, microphones, internal navigation systems, and laser rangefinders that double as guidance beams for laser-guided weaponry. They use spread-spectrum radio waves for communication with their operator, and are capable of burst transmissions when intercept by a foe is likely. Larger models are also available that actually have on-board weaponry themselves.

Argus McCall has used his sniper drones to great effect on multiple occasions.

Behind the Scenes[]

Inspired somewhat by the Spy Flies from The Golden Compass, but much more by the book Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy.