You'd think a group with this cool a logo would have fared better

The Solificati were a group of mages who had the unique distinction of being founding members of both the Order of Reason and the Council of Nine Mystical Traditions.

They were formed in the 1200's as a guild of Alchemists in France and Italy. By 1325, they were just barely large and influential enough to become a founding member organization of the Order of Reason, but they broke with the larger movement only a few years later, and went underground to avoid retribution from their former allies. A century and a half later, they joined the fledgling Council of Nine Mystical Traditions as a founding member, but soon fell to feuding with fellow members the Order of Hermes. Leaving the Council only a few years later, they once again went underground and hid. They re-emerged briefly in the 19th and 20th centuries as the Children of Knowledge, having in the meantime graduated from Alchemy to Chemistry as their methodology of choice, but their numbers were still tiny. Rather than becoming once more members of either the Technocracy or the Traditions, they tried for a while to go it alone, but in the end they were forced to join the Traditions, not as full-fledged members, but merely as one more House among the Order of Hermes. When Gehenna came, they were more or less wiped out once more, although a few of their members may have survived to join the Verbenae, Sons of Ether, or some other faction.

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