Gurrmew Soth

The foreclosures shall continue until morale improves.

Gurrmew K'Laek K'Soth is the Llan Executive Officer (LEO) of the K'Laek Llan. He is also an Executive Director on the K'Nes Llan Executive Board, where he is the most ardent anti-Human voice for K'Nes rearmament.

Soth is not, however, the head of Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP – that's his mate, Yeomurt K'Srurr K'Prria. Neither is Soth the First Patriarch of the Gurrmew clan, a distinction that still belongs to his elderly father.

Early LifeEdit

Soth was born in 2232 to the Gurrmew clan, a shipbuilding company in the huge asteroid belt of the K'Laek system, where the Gurrmew Construction and Yeomurt Mining corporate clans had been feuding for decades over territorial right to the asteroid fields. Soth, Although intelligent and possessing excellent accounting skills, lacked the social finesse to excel in business. Therefore, according to clan tradition, he purchased a managerial commission in the K'Nes Tor Navy (Gurrmew Construction's biggest customer). Lacking the coordination to become a fighter pilot, he was assigned to a fighter carrier ship and trained as a Sensor Administrator (Ensign).

Naval CareerEdit

During the 3rd Civil War, Soth performed well during the successful K'Nes invasion of Sarma, and participated in the Battle of New Tokyo. Unfortunately, his carrier ship was lost when Xavier Pollos destroyed half the K'Nes fleet in orbit above the planet (although Soth was able to eject in a life pod and picked up later).

Fortunately for Soth, however, the disaster left the Tor Navy short on experienced naval officers, and Soth rose slowly and steadily through the ranks. By the time the Second Vulthra War broke out, Soth's request to purchase a commission as Asset Executive Officer (Captain) was approved and he was leased his own ship, the Light Carrier Wholesale.

In the tragic Battle of Andersvald where the Earth Fleet crushed almost the entire K'Nes Tor Navy, Soth's carrier survived the battle. Although badly damaged, it managed to limp back to the Gurrmew Construction Yards in K'Laek for repairs, where Soth remained for the final months of the war.

Human OccupationEdit

Outraged at Emperor Horrath VI's unconditional surrender to the Federation, Soth and his crew scuttled the badly damaged Wholesale and hijacked the Loophole, a Contract-class Tor escort carrier just out of repair in dry dock, then disappeared into the massive K'Laek asteroid belt before the Federation occupation forces arrived in the system. For the remainder of the human Occupation, Soth conducted a hit-and-run campaign against the Earth Fleet occupying forces in K'Laek, using the K'Nes's superior fighter and stealth technology to launch surprise attacks, hit hard and fast, and then disappear among the asteroids.

Meanwhile, the Patriarchs of the Gurrmew and Yeomurt clans negotiated a truce to their multi-generational clan feud, as both clans considered the humans the greater threat. A guerilla-style K'Nes resistance movement sprang up against the human Light Infantry occupying the K'Nes asteroid colonies.

It was during this period that Soth met one of the resistance leaders funneling supplies to his ship, Yeomurt K'Srurr K'Prria. Although she was from the rival Yeomurt clan, mutual respect and admiration sparked a clandestine Romeo-and-Juliet-style illicit relationship between them.

Earth Fleet, after two years of escalating violence and frustrating losses over what was essentially a bunch of rocks, decided the K'Laek system was not valuable enough to justify the cost of occupation and instead declared it a K'Nes Quarantine Zone.

In the euphoria of their "victory," Soth and Prria decided to "take their stock public," fully expecting censure from their respective clans for their forbidden relationship. The First Patriarchs of both clans, however, fearing the fragile clan truce might fall apart while the humans still surrounded their system, exploited the two young cat's relationship as an opportunity to merge the two clans together into one company. Both Patriarchs retired (at least officially), and Soth and Prria found themselves catapulted to the top as dual presidents of the new company.

With each clan still wary of the other's intentions and suspicious a corporate takeover, however, Gurrmew Construction and Yeomurt Mining didn't fully merge together, but rather entered into a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The corporation continues to essentially function as two separate companies joined by a strategic alliance, rather than as one integrated company.

Caal Invasion & AftermathEdit

After the Caal Invasion shattered the Federation, the bulk of Earth Fleet forces were withdrawn from the K'Nes Quarantine Zone around K'Laek to fight the Holy Terran Empire. Not surprisingly, K'Laek was the first K'Nes system to declare independence as they has no human Occupation forces on the ground to overthrow. In the K'Nes cultural revival that swept K'Nes systems after independence, Soth immediately became something of a K'Nes folk hero, despite only a mediocre naval service record and his guerrilla campaign having little effect on the human Occupation outside of the K'Laek system.

Following the example of Varrless Financial on Purrfang, Soth organized the establishment of the K'Laek Llan. Soth and Prria signed a power-sharing contract where Soth (having more military and political experience) became LEO of the K'Laek Llan, while Prria (with far superior business skills) became the head of Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP. They agreed to invest most of the joint company's assets into K'Nes Llan shares in at attempt to buy a seat on the Executive Board.

Soth's political ambitions hit a snag when both Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP and Miao Mercantile Inc. purchased enough K'Nes Llan shares (5%) to make them equal contenders for the fifth and last seat on the Board of Directors. Soth successfully argued that the Gurrmew clan were K'Nes heroes while the Miao clan were a politically embarrassing band of smugglers, and consequently the seat was awarded to Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP (something the Miao clan still resents).

Soth's anti-Human and pro-rearmament stance in the K'Nes Llan Executive Board is partly due to patriotism, partly to the lucrative naval contracts Gurrmew Construction will most likely receive to build the new K'Nes fleet, and partly because he fears that without a common enemy to rally the K'Laek population against, the Gurrmew clan and Yeomurt clan will fall back into their old feud.

Effectively retired now from the navy in favor of politics, Soth is looking forward to finally starting a family. He and Prria are eagerly awaiting the upcoming K'Nes mating season and the birth of their first litter together, which will hopefully merge Gurrmew Construction and Yeomurt Mining together permanently.

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