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This is what happens when you let a Get of Fenris werewolf design your platoon unit patch.

Soti's Slammers are a special weapons platoon that is part of the 10th Tech Infantry Legion. They were formed in early 2265 from a mixture of Raptors and ordinary Tech Infantry soldiers, originally to take part in the liberation of Kalintos after it was invaded by the Holy Terran Empire. Commanded since its inception by Captain Adelisa Soti, the platoon is the sixth platoon of Company A, which in turn is under the command of Major Larry Kabila.

Squad Organization[]

In turn, the platoon's 24 soldiers are divided into six squads, also called quads because they consist of four soldiers each. Captain Soti commands the First Quad herself, with the Second Quad under the command of her Platoon Executive Officer, Sergeant Major Roberta McCrae. Both of the first two squads are specialized for anti-aircraft defense, and two of the four soldiers in each of those squads wear specialized Heavy Weapons versions of Power Armor and carry specialized anti-aircraft missile or beam weaponry. The other two troopers in each quad are armed with anti-personnel weapons to escort and protect the heavy weapons suits.

The third and fourth squads are specialized for anti-armor and anti-fortification armor, also with two Heavy Weapons suits per quad, this time armed with Lance Cannons for use against armored vehicles and field fortifications. The other two troopers in each quad are armed with anti-personnel weapons to escort and protect the heavy weapons suits. Third Squad is under the command of Lieutenant Windspeaker Durward, and Fourth Squad is under the command of Lieutenant Titus Vardan.

The fifth and sixth squads are specialized as sniper squads, and each squad is led by a sniper who has specialized equipment and weapons for this role. The other three troopers in each quad are either outfitted with special high-speed Scout suits to act as spotters, or with anti-personnel weaponry to protect and escort the sniper and his spotter. Fifth Squad is led by Lieutenant Nathan Lopez, and Sixth Squad is led by Lieutenant Argus McCall.

Kalintos Campaign[]

During the Liberation of Kalintos, the platoon was first involved in the capture of the INS Alistar Dimiye, a covert-operations assault transport of the Imperial Navy which had been using its prototype Tunnel Drive system to make high-speed attacks on the approaching Earth Fleet task force carrying the relief force. The Slammers were teleported over from the EFS Aegis Fist by Major Diana Reid, the CO of the other company on board that transport ship, and successfully seized control of the vessel when Argus McCall and sixth squad captured the bridge and killed its captain. Later, they were dropped into the capital city of Loud Water to attack specific targets, with Argus McCall's sniper squad managing to locate the field headquarters of Lord General Nicolai Malakov and eliminate him and his staff, forcing command of the Imperial Army forces on the planet to devolve down the chain of command until it reached someone willing to order a surrender. Following the surrender, many of the Raptors members among the platoon's soldiers were injured by a car bomb attack on a victory party, where they had been celebrating along with Raptors from other units in the liberation force.

Behind the Scenes[]

The platoon is named partly for the Hammer's Slammers series of books by David Drake, but moslty simply by following the naming conventions that led to Rasczak's Roughnecks in the original Starship Troopers novel. The quad organization model is based on that seen in the book The Man Who Never Missed by Steve Perry.