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The Stalingrad class of battlecruisers were built shortly before the Third Civil War, and were the last to be built without a Gravity Drive.  By leaving out the gravity drive, these ships are able to pack in a substantial amount of firepower and house six squadrons of starfighters, more than all but the largest dedicated fighter carriers, and at a lower cost than the Revenge class battlecruisers.

The Stalingrad-class is heavily armed.  In addition to the usual mix of Chemlasers and Fusion Cannons, it's also equiped with two heavy Grav Lasers, two heavy Particle Beams, and two dozen Lance Torpedo launch tubes.

Unfortunately, the lessened strategic flexibility and defensive staying power due ot the lack of a gravity drive are a handicap.  As a result of their lower top acceleration (only 30 gees), they are generally relegated to second-tier duties, such as convoy escort or acting as flagships for task forces of ships too small to mount a Gravity Drive anyways.

Known ShipsEdit

EFS Stalingrad BC-60
EFS Kursk BC-61 (Captured by the Christian Federation at Phoenix in 2243)
EFS Tannenberg BC-62
EFS Austerlitz BC-63
EFS Gettysburg BC-64
EFS Shennandoah BC-65 (Lost at Battle of Mars, captained by Terry Carter)
EFS Antietam BC-66
EFS Shiloh BC-67
EFS Liepzig BC-68
EFS Marengo BC-69 (grandfathered into Imperial Navy as INS Chevauchée, captained by Admiral Pennyworth)
EFS Borodino BC-70
EFS Talavera BC-71
EFS Khafji BC-72
EFS Arbela BC-73
EFS Susa BC-74
EFS Adrianople BC-75
EFS Agincourt BC-76
EFS Crecy BC-77
EFS Marston Moor BC-78
EFS Poitiers BC-79
EFS Bosworth BC-80

Behind the ScenesEdit

These ships were designed by Martin Hohner, and are named for famous battles.

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