Not all star souls are good.

Star souls are the term used for those persons whose spiritual essence has become so powerful that they are stronger than normal mortals.  Normally only obvious to those mages who are sensitive to Spirit magick, star souls are possessed by the heroes and power brokers of their age.

When Scyr assumed the form of Vin Dane, his own soul could not continue to power the Orb that he absorbed.  In order to continue to possess the Orb, Scyr had to absorb other star souls in order to survive.  In Y3K, the Holy Terran Emperor purposely caused more conflict between the houses in order to generate more star souls.  That way, his agents could capture them and absorb their spirit as well, to ensure that he would not truly die.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The star soul concept was introduced by storyteller Nathan Bax in the Season 6 "Y3K" tabletop game, although what exactly Vin Dane needed star souls for was not clear.  Later in Season 9, player/writer Lorpius Prime provided the explanation that star souls were needed to power the Orb and keep the Emperor alive.  Although it has never been explicitly stated in-game, it has been strongly implied that the player characters are star souls, or at least have the potential to be.

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