She lived a life of danger, whether she wanted it or not.

Stephanie Harrington, the daughter of Maeve Harrington, was a key political figure in the Earth Federation during the 2230's & 40's. She established the Minority Coalition in the Senate and balanced the political interests of the Technocracy and the Tech Infantry. Her attempted assassination and subsequent coma removed her politics, caused the collapse of her political party, destabilized the Fed, and directly led to the 3rd Civil War.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Born in 2207, Stephanie was born to Michael Rappaport and Maeve Harrington. The death of her father early in her life led her to later drop his name. During this time, Harrington Industries grew as a major powerhouse, and Stephanie was sent to exclusive private schools and tutoring to build her ability and protect her from potential kidnappings. When her mother later married Lwan Eddington, she never quite accepted him as her stepfather, and as a result, led to confusion in her family life.

Tech Infantry Service[edit | edit source]

Although born as the heir to the Harrington Industries fortune, she was not exempt from the draft when she awakened as a mage in puberty. In 2222, the age of enlistment was lowered to 15, and she was conscripted. Through a strange personnel choice, she was put into the same unit as the other children of the 86th Platoon, including A.C. Eddington, Charles Babbage, and Richard Clarke. What happened during this new platoon is uncertain, as official records were later sealed under the Official Secrets Act. However, it is certain that after encountering the Orb, their memories were altered permanently. In what Stephanie believed to be the actual timeline, her birth parents both lived, and she was not blood related to A.C. Eddington. After the encounter on the EFS Madrid and stopping the 1st Caal Invasion, she was witness to the forces that brought about the 2nd Civil War.

Stockholder Magnate[edit | edit source]

During the war, she was hidden for her protection on St. Michael's Star, where Harrington Industries owned the primary colony. There she fell in love with a Liberation soldier named Mike Sevrens whom she married in 2226. They had a daughter, Allison Sevrens, who was born the next year. After her mother's death in 2227, she inherited her mother's wealth, but her overt support of the losing side caused the breakup of Harrington Industries into twenty daughter corporations. However, Stephanie was still given a significant percentage of each company's stock--but not a controlling interest.

As the Federation rebuilt itself, the daughter corporations were in the forefront of the government contracts. Harrington's wealth became immense. In order to avoid suspicion of her restarting the Resistance, she became a vociferous supporter of the Fed, meanwhile using her wealth to support third party candidates into the reconstituted Senate. She single-handedly created the Minority Coalition, a collection of third parties that balanced the major Liberty and Populist parties.

Coma and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

As Stephanie's political power increased, the more her rivals (Abdul Johnson and Sarah Dunmeyer) were frustrated in being unable to swing her to their side. In 2241, she was heading to the Senate chambers (having been elected as the representative for St. Michael's Star) when she was struck several times by a high-powered slugthrower. The viral projectile had a magickal element which prevented healers from eliminating the carried infection. In order to save her life, they put her in a stasis coma, taking the time to investigate samples of the virus, as well as deactivate the spell.

Unfortunately, without leadership and the money supporting them, the Minority Coalition fell apart. The Liberty Party (Technocracy) won a majority number of seats in the general elections in November 2242. The fear of mage takeover led Sarah Dunmeyer to attempt a coup d'etat to overthrow Abdul Johnson, leading to the 3rd Civil War.

Her cryo-preserved body resurfaced in 2265, being smuggled off of St. Michael's Star by Heth on orders from Herbert Gergenstein.  She was awakened by Gergenstein on New Madrid, and forced to reveal the location of her hidden accounts and stashes of valuables.  Gergenstein used this wealth to help end the Ascension War with a victory for the Holy Terran Empire, by paying off the Tech Infantry to retire with dignity rather than become mercenaries or guerillas once the Federation finally crumbled for good.  Rewarded with a Duchy by the Emperor, Gergenstein had Stepanie quietly disposed of by one of his top agents, David Tibbetts

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

As the Season 3 characters became the children of our original characters, Stephanie became Penny's character. However, much like many of these character, weren't that much different in their protrayal from their "parents." Her character's elimination was more a backhanded reference, since Marcus was still annoyed at Penny when he wrote the backstory in 1999. This story set the stage for Season 4.2. Her Actor Avatar was retroactively set as Stephanie Powers, more for the similarity of names than anything else.

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