Need the InSec mainframe hacked? You got it, boss!

Stewart Weaver was a human computer hacker and petty criminal in the employ of Andrea Treschi and the Fearless Jackals. He served aboard the freighter Fearless and was arrested with the rest of the crew shortly before the Battle of Rios in 2243. While in custody aboard the EFS Schaumburg, he cut a deal with Xinjao O'Reilly and Malachi Spyder to assist them in their investigation into some suspected InSec surveillance devices and quest for a personnel transfer, repectively. He successfully hacked the InSec mainframe and located the order for surveillance of Captain Von Shrakenberg and his crew, without discovering that the person the order was addressed to was actually Herbert Gergenstein, a crewmember of the Schaumburg and secret InSec plant.

Released after the battle, he returned to Wilke's Star and eventually met back up with Treschi, assisting him in his machinations and scheming prior to the Battle of Avalon. Accompanying Treschi to Minos, he was drugged and left unconscious on the floor next to the bleeding corpse of Treschi's mother as a prop during the infamous meeting between Treschi, Lt. General George Maxwell, and planetary governor Edward Byrne.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Stewart Weaver was created by Andrea Treschi, largely as comic relief. His Actor Avatar is Dean Haglund from The Lone Gunmen, and his character concept would later be largely recycled in the form of Jason Regis.

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