Swara are werecheetahs.  They originate from Africa.

While not as physically strong as the big werecats of the Bastet, the Swara are known for being very agile and extremely fast.  However, one lesser known attribute of the Swara is the strength of their spiritual connectedness and ability to utilize mystical powers beyond those of the other Bastet Tribes.

They are similar to the Pumonca in that they are loners and travelers.  However, the not only did the Swara wander to many areas of the earth alone, they also had and have the ability to sidestep into other spirtiual and mystical planes beyond the physical space.

Prior to the formation of the Tech Infantry, the Swara had very good relations with the Bagheera, but were not generally welcome in Simba caves.  As the result of Arthur Clarke's influence, they have also established better relations with the Khan and their relations with the Simba have improved as well.

Of the Bastet tribes, the Swara perhaps have had the strongest spirtiual connection with Luna, thus they are among the most bitter about the destruction of the moon by Erich Von Shrakenberg.

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