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The Sydney class of destroyers were designed to primarily function as system pickets.  They are equipped with four minelaying tubes on the aft of their hulls and can use them to maintain the networks of sensor and weapons platforms of an Orbital Defense Network or deploy mines in an enemy-held star system (mining the entrance of a jumpgate to an enemy system is a common strategy).  Lacking a Gravity Drive, of course, they would need assisstance from a larger warship to enter an enemy system unobserved, and to leave after completing their mission.  Their secondary function is as convoy escorts, where their ten heavy Particle Phalanxes can provide close-in area protection for themselves and other ships against missiles and enemy starfighters.  The Sydney has little offensive punch, though, armed only with a lone chemlaser and three Lance Torpedoes in a box launcher.  These ships were all built in the last two decades of the 22nd century, so they are now around 75 years old or so, but are still a common first major command for a young Lt. Commander in Earth Fleet.  The Sydney class is also known as the "City Class", as all ships were named for major cities on Earth That Was.

Known Ships[]

  • EFS Sydney DD-1121
  • EFS Berlin DD-1122
  • EFS Chicago DD-1123
  • EFS Breslau DD-1124
  • EFS Minsk DD-1125
  • EFS Hamburg DD-1126
  • EFS Dublin DD-1127
  • EFS Asheville DD-1128
  • EFS Reykjavik DD-1129
  • EFS Lusaka DD-1130
  • EFS Buenos Aires DD-1131
  • EFS Barcelona DD-1132
  • EFS Mogadishu DD-1135
  • EFS Maputo DD-1136
  • EFS Nairobi DD-1137
  • EFS Casablanca DD-1138
  • EFS Tangiers DD-1139
  • EFS Timbuktu DD-1140
  • EFS Milan DD-1141
  • EFS Firenze DD-1142
  • EFS Roma DD-1143
  • EFS Nagoya DD-1144
  • EFS Cartagena DD-1145
  • EFS Pyongyang DD-1146
  • EFS Shanghai DD-1147
  • EFS Saigon DD-1148
  • EFS Haiphong DD-1149
  • EFS Hanoi DD-1150
  • EFS Myitkinia DD-1151
  • EFS Dacca DD-1152
  • EFS Bangalore DD-1153
  • EFS Karachi DD-1154
  • EFS Bandar Abbas DD-1155 (Destroyed in Battle of Luna, 2244)
  • EFS Riyadh DD-1156
  • EFS Medina DD-1157
  • EFS Mecca DD-1158
  • EFS Aqabah DD-1160
  • EFS Salonika DD-1161
  • EFS Odessa DD-1162
  • EFS Oslo DD-1163
  • EFS Oporto DD-1164

Behind the Scenes[]

This class was designed by Martin Hohner based on a concept by Nathan Bax.  And yes, they are all named for cities.