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The Syndicate is one of the Conventions of the Technocracy.

Early HistoryEdit

The Syndicate have their roots in the first mages to experiment with crafting objects of utlity and beauty from metal and other materials. By the Middle Ages, they had become organized as the High Guild, a secret organization overseeing all the craft and merchant guilds across Europe. Through them, they were able to manipulate and control the world economy, and the development and release of new technologies such as the compass, jacquard looms, and gunpowder. They were one of the founding organizations of the Order of Reason.

Modern HistoryEdit

After the Order of Reason was reorganized into the Technocratic Union in 1851, the High Guild became The Invisible Exchecquer. They oversaw the late 19th century birth of the modern economic system, the international financial markets, and the shift from gold-backed currencies to modern Fiat Money, ensuring that the entire economy worked by the magical rules of consensual reality and became manipulateable by the specialized skills of their members. They orchestrated the formation of the first multinational corporations, the ancestors of the Megacorps of today. Early in the 20th century, this shift of power from royal monopolies to multinational trusts and conglomerates was reflected as the organization was renamed The Syndicate.

Gehenna and BeyondEdit

When Gehenna began, the Syndicate was the source of the financing for the creation of the Tech Infantry and the Earth Federation, bankrolling the Technocracy's ultimately successful campaign to seize control of all humanity. The Megacorps they controlled were the ones who organized and profitted from the colonization of new worlds such as Minos, Avalon, and St. Michael's Star. But these same Megacorps became their undoing. Megacorps have too many physical facilities to be suited to covert operations, and are vulnerable to both covert and overt exercises of political power. When the concentration of economic power in the hands of Harrington Industries and other Megacorps threatened to upset the balance of political control of the Federation, the Syndicate and the New World Order had a fatal falling out. The first and second civil wars were the result. Finally, Arthur Clarke's seizure of control over the entire Federation economy in the name of total war broke the back of the Syndicate, and without the Syndicate's financial resources, the rest of the Technocracy was doomed.

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