Taichi Missiles closing in on Earth Fleet ships during the Third Civil War

The Taichi Missile is a heavy anti-starship missile, for use by starfighters, defense platforms, and small starships. Its primary launch platform was originally the J-4 Daimyo Heavy Starfighter of the Eastern Bloc.

This missile can be fitted with a 1-MT Fusion Proximity Warhead, a bomb-pumped X-Ray Laser Head, or a submunition warhead carrying four Wakizashi Missiles. The first two are for use against enemy warships or battlestations, the latter for long-range attacks on enemy starfighters.

During their desperate defense against the Vin Shriak and their Worldships, the Eastern Bloc hastily strapped Taichi Missile Box Launchers to hundreds of civilian starships and shuttles, and launched them in saturation attacks on the invaders. Although they had a few successes wirth such tactics, in most cases, the Worldships' point defense systems easily handled such attacks.

Originally designed and manufactured by Sinotech Corporation, after the defeat of the Eastern Bloc by the Vin Shriak, the manufacturing rights were acquired by Olin Industries.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This is another bit of technobabble written for Season Eight which never showed up in-story.

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