The Fed calls it Tarkin, everyone else calls it nothing at all.

Tarkin is a very young star in the galactic north, surrounded by a system-wide belt of asteroids that have not yet coalesced into terrestrial planets. It has two military hyperspace jumpgates to Minos and Beowulf. Aside from a small scientific outpost on the only dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, it is unpopulated.


Tarkin has none. Less than 5% of the asteroids are metallic, the rest are carbonaceous or silicate (in other words, just rocks), so no mining operations have ever been attempted. Lacking any commercial jumpgates, it can't even be used as a shipping lane.


During the 3rd Civil War, the Christian Federation sized the Tarkin system from the Federation. This was partly to improve morale and partly to provide a buffer for their core system of Beowulf, but mainly because Commander of the Faithful Andrew "Bad Andy" Tremont had a bad habit of conquering every system he could, regardless of strategic or economic value. The Tarkin system was eventually liberated by Task Force David, a mostly Jewish volunteer Earth Fleet task force led by Captain Xinjao O'Reilly.

After the Caal Invasion shattered the Federation, nobody wanted poor Tarkin. Neither the Holy Terran Empire nor the Ministry of Public Safety bothered to claim it. Tarkin was eventually claimed by the rump Federation under Admiral/Chairman Joseph Smythe.

Behind the Scenes

Tarkin was presumably named after Grand Moff Tarkin, the commander of the Death Star in the original Star Wars movie.

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