You can't run and you can't hide.

The Tech Infantry Special Service, also known as the Raptors, were first created by the Earth Federation to handle the problem of awakened mages and werecreatures avoiding the mandatory draft. They were formed back in 2008, after the formation of the Tech Infantry when the draft started.

Their mandate has expanded over the years, depending on the administration in power, to include espionage, counter-terrorism, bodyguard, and special warfare forces. The division reached its height under Colonel Arthur Clarke, former commander of the Raptors, who gave it the greatest discretion. It has often been considered an elite force, and leadership of the division a high honor, usually grooming for high command. The title of division commander has been held by powerful figures, including Andrea Treschi and Vin Dane, who later became Holy Terran Emperor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The official name is the creation of Marcus, who used them in his short story, "Federal Service," which explains how the Raptors worked in hunting down draft dodgers. Their nickname "Raptors" was given by Chris Yarwood, when his player character, Arthur Clarke, became the commander of the unit.

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