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The Terran Navy is the national space force of the Terran Republic. It is commanded by a civilian Secretary of the Navy appointed by the Executive Committee of the Republic's General Assembly, and it uses a military rank structure copied from Earth Fleet.

Until recently, the Terran Navy had no mobile forces to speak of, with most of its strength locked in the "fixed" fortifications of planetary and system defenses. However, at the end of January 2265, the Executive Committee approved the appointment of a new Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Strategic Operations, Scyr. Since then, the Navy has been rapidly expanding its battlefleet through a series of projects under the banner of Operation SEASCAPE.


The Terran Republic includes some of the most heavily-militarized star systems in Human space: most notably along the border with Bug Space. While nearly all human systems possess significant defensive fortifications, many Republican worlds served as front-line outposts and garrisons for the Earth Federation's prolonged war against the Bugs. When the Federation collapsed in the wake of the Caal Invasion, the Republic inherited these formidable defenses. This has allowed the Republic to survive the first few months of its existence without serious threat of invasion, despite the lack of a proper fleet. Neither the Holy Terran Empire nor the rump Federation has yet been willing to commit the large fleet it would take to quickly overwhelm and conquer one of the Republic's systems.

Operation SEASCAPE[]

SEASCAPE is the operational name given to a series of projects designed to quickly provide the Terran Navy with a minimally effective "stopgap" fleet of warships, as well as to lay the groundwork for a more formidable and sustainable starfleet. The plan was conceived and led by Scyr after his appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Strategic Operations, while responsibility for the details of its organization and implementation has fallen to his Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Commander Aaron Roquefort.


Project CARBONATE is the division of SEASCAPE responsible for the design, construction, and fielding of the LAF-1B "Shrieker" fighters for the Terran Navy. The project's headquarters and the majority of its construction and training facilities are located in the Port Arthur system. The Project DIrector is a civilian, M. Choi, a former COO of a mining services company on Hadley.


Operation PEGBOARD was the Terran Navy's seizure of private starships from several systems of the Republic in order to secure a fleet of improvised warships and carrier platforms for the new Shrieker fighters produced by Project CARBONATE. The operation saw the first deployment of the Terran Marines, and served as a major test of the Navy's command and control apparatus, requring coordinated action in four separate star systems. Marines, working in coordination with the system defense networks in Elysia, Epsilon, Hadley, and Hector, commandeered over three hundred new vessels for the Navy.

PEGBOARD is expected to incur significant economic costs from lost shipping capacity and discouraged traders. But the extent of the damage has yet to be calculated.


Project BREWHOUSE is the division of Operation SEASCAPE responsible for establishing the long-term construction and training infrastructure of a first-rate starfleet for the Terran Navy. It is headquartered in Dalien and overseen by Vice Admiral Lyla Blair.


The details of Operation WAISTCOAT remain classified.