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The Terran Republic is one of the many successor states to the Earth Federation ruled by Arthur Clarke after his death and the state's collapse durings the Caal invasion. Its territory consists of the former Eastern Bloc and other systems in the western reaches of human-settled space. The Republic purports to be a true democracy, founded by many leaders of the former Resistance movement. However, the central government on Babylon is still embryonic and weak, and most political power still rests with various warlords and criminals

Political Structure[]

The Republic's supreme governing body is (at least nominally), the General Assembly, a congress of representatives from each of the Republic's 17 settled systems. The Assembly's agenda is set by an Executive Committee selected from among its members. This Committee functions as a Cabinet and its Chairman as the de facto Chief Executive of the Republic.

With the death of Chairman Kazimir Vitek, the former Vice-Chairman, Llora Vivas, is serving as Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee. However, it is widely believed that Treasurer Roimata Chen is the true power within the Executive Committee, using her control of the Republic's budget to ensure that her own agenda takes priority.


The Republic's military forces are divided into two branches: The Terran Army and the Terran Navy.

The Army provides all of the Republic's ground forces, and as of January 2265, is by far the larger of the two services. It was formed around a core of soldiers drawn from former Resistance fighters, Eastern Bloc veterans, and units of the Tech Infantry and Light Infantry serving within the newly-formed Republic's borders. Unlike the Federation's infantry forces, the Terran Army has a single rank structure, and welcomes both awakened and mundane soldiers to voluntary enlistment. While some operational units are exclusively awakened or mundane human (mostly those adopted whole from the TI or LI), there is no Army-wide policy enforcing such division. Additionally, the old Federation's mandatory draft of awakened humans is no longer in force, making the Terran Army an all-volunteer force. However, this may simply be a consequence of the Republic's weak and indecisive leadership to date, rather than an indication of any true political principle.

The Terran Navy includes all mobile warships and "fixed" defenses in space and planetary orbit. The overwhelming majority of the Navy's strength is currently limited to these defensive installations, however, as its fleet contains almost no warships whatsoever. Most of Earth Fleet's forces in the area was destroyed by the Caal, particularly during the stand at Jennifer's Star. Most of what remained joined Chairman Smythe's rump Federation, the Holy Terran Empire, or fell into the hands of the Republic's warlords as their own private vessels. So far, the Navy has not risked the wrath of the Republic's political leadership by attempting to confiscate these loose warships.