Kill a business rival, get a free tote bag!

Tessier-Ashpool, S.A., is a conglomerate megacorporation with many diverse interests in several industries and markets. Founded in the early 21st century by the marriage of Marie-France Tessier and John Harness Ashpool, two powerful mages connected to the Syndicate branch of the Technocracy, the corporation brought under one umbrella several supposedly-independent companies which no longer had to pretend to be separate and competing interests, now that the Technocracy had formal control over the economy after Gehenna and the formation of the Earth Federation. Still run by the descendants of the late founders and their extended families, Tessier-Ashpool is rare among Megacorps for being basicially a gigantic family business, thus having relatively few shareholders to deal with, and being somewhat insulated from the influence of the stock market. Their primary areas of interest are computer hardware and software development, artifical intelligence research, communications and transportation network infrastructure, military-grade sensors and countermeasures, hydroponic crop management systems, and electronic components manufacture. Prior to the Third Civil War, they made a brief foray into tourism and resort construction, but the war cut off so much interplanetary pleasure travel that they were forced to sell out their "pleasure world" of Dalien 5 to Wing Kong Integlobal after their local partners in the Arasaka Conglomerate pulled out of the deal.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The company is of course a reference to a company of the same name in the books of William Gibson. It is mainly used as a joke in newsletter stories.

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