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The Sword of Omens

The Sword of Omens is a powerfully enchanted sword that is legendary in the werecreature community.


The actual crafting and history of this sword are only known by werecreature shamans. It was most recently retreived by Arthur Clarke while going on a journey that took him through the Cherskiy Mountains in Siberia, on Earth. After the death of Clarke it is believed that it returned there, however even the most devoted werecreatures cannot be sure.


The Sword of Omens has numerous powers, thanks to being inhabited by the spirits of six former wielders, all different types of werecreature. It can change its size from a greatsword to as small as a pocket knife, it is believed that the spirit that causes this ability comes from a wererat. It is also known to be able to return to its accepted wielder, even when seperated by great distances, thanks to the spirit of a werecrow. Another ability is that the sword will reform if shattered or broken, thanks to the spirit of a Werespider. It is also believed that sword has other abilities that are generally only known by the wielder over time.

Upon the death of Clarke while wielding it in battle the sword accepted his spirt as being worthy and now has six werecreature spirits. Additionally when the sword accepted Clarke's spirit a dark black stripe appeared along the sword from handle to tip. What sort of additional powers this gave the sword will not be discovered until the sword is relocated. Clarke provided the sword with the spirit of the Tiger which was added to the spirits of the Spider and Crow. What ability Clarke's spirit will provide is unknown.

Note: In season 4.3 Clarke's son, Richard Clarke died while wielding the sword and the blade turned red. It was believed by some players that that meant the sword had accepted his spirit. However, what it actually meant was the sword was showing respects for an honorable death. The red blade slowly faded with time until the blade of the sword returned to its original color.

Outside the Story[]

The Sword of Omens was created when the character Arthur Clarke was created by Chris Yarwood by the GM Nathan Bax. All of the information provided was what had been revealed to the player during the game. To find out the rest of the abilities, Nathan Bax may need to be contacted.  Possibly inspired or named for the sword of the same name in the ThunderCats series.