Especially out in the middle of outer space.

The Third Vatican Catholic Church, as the name suggests, is a splinter group off of the Roman Catholic Church which broke away during the Third Vatican Council during Gehenna.  While the New Roman Catholic Church tried to ignore the changes sweeping the planet and remain unchanged, and the Orange Catholic Church tried to embrace them and welcome awakened humans as members, the Third Vatican Catholic Church took a different tack. 

Reacting against the sudden revelation of the existence of such supernatural evils asvampires, werecreatures, and giant alien bugs, this faction of the church declared that all such creatures are demonic in nature, and thus no good can come of them.  Seeking to avoid entanglements with the darker side of the supernatural, adherents often sought to withdraw from the world into walled compounds, remote villages, and sometimes to found their own colony worlds.  The largest such effort was the initial attempt to colonize St. Michael's Star following its conquest in the 2160's.  An invasion by the Arachnids in 2194 wiped out the colony, although further waves of Third Vatican Catholics did return to the world with the later corporate-sponsored efforts to recolonize the system. 

Since the founding of the Holy Terran Empire, the Third Vatican Catholic Church has been the focus of increasing efforts to suppress and persecute the faith.  Unlike most Christians, Thirders refused to acknowledge Vin Dane as the Second Coming of Christ, much less as Emperor, due to his half-alien, magickal, and thus clearly demonic nature.  Driven underground, they continue to meet and celebrate mass in secret on many worlds, but their near-total lack of mages or other awakened humans amongst their numbers means that they have few defenses against the fanatics of the Cult of the Emperor

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Initially a throwaway gag in the backstory of one of the NPC's, the existence of this church has become a running joke in several wiki entries.  The name is partly a snarky comment on Prostestant denominations such as the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, since such a parochial appelation (pun very much intended) should be a glaring clue that your religion probably is not the One True Faith with a sole monopoly on the Ultimate Truth of Existence. 

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