Were rhino form by taclobanon

You'd think a 12-foot0-tall half-rhinocerous monstrosity wouldn't need the added intimidation factor of a scary face on his chest plate.

The man known to his friends and associates alike only as Thrasher was a wererhino and former Tech Infantry soldier who worked for Andrea Treschi, first with The Raptors and later with the Fearless Jackals crime syndicate, as a bodyguard and general hired thug. He served on board the Fearless and was briefly captured and detained along with the rest of the crew by Erich Von Shrakenberg and the crew of the EFS Schaumburg in 2243. Released after the Battle of Rios was over, Thrasher accompanied Treschi and Stewart Weaver back to Avalon, where Thrasher got into a bar fight with none other than Arthur Clarke at The Rage. Horrifically beaten to a pulp, Thrasher spent the next few months in hospital and rehab, before returning to Treschi's service just in time to be killed as part of an initiation test for one of Treschi's new hired thugs.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Thrasher was created by Chris Yarwood. His Actor Avatar is a bit of original artwork by a DeviantArt member named Taclobanon, which we found via a google search.

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