A prince among his people

Titus Vardan is a werewolf of the Silver Fangs Tribe and a lieutenant in the Tech Infantry.

Early LifeEdit

Titus was born to a family of wealthy French aristocrats on Earth in 2197. He was only two years old when a Bug Asteroid devastated the planet and the entire populace had to be evacuated. The evacuation shuttle carrying him and his family suffered a malfunction on launch and crashed, killing all of his immediate family members but somehow sparing young Titus. He was rescued and evacuated to Elysia, where he was raised in a Federation-run orphanage.

Life on the RunEdit

A few days before his 16th birthday, Titus ran away from the orphanage and went into hiding to escape being drafted into the Tech Infantry. He lived on the streets as a petty criminal and thug for several years, but after a close call with law enforcement, he joined the Resistance movement for protection in 2225. Four years later, he fell in love with and married a fellow Resistance fighter named Elizabeth Pierson. They fought together in the First and Second Civil Wars, but his wife was killed fighting against Operation Earth in 2242. When the Earth was again devatated two years later, this time by the destruction of its moon by Erich Von Shrakenberg, Titus was forced to flee with the rest of the Resistance leadership and military. As the former Resistance worlds were re-conquered by forces under Grand Council Chairman Arthur Clarke, Titus was captured and imprisoned on G2 for a sentence of 20 years.

Joining the Tech InfantryEdit

However, when the Vin Shriak invasion threatened to destroy the Federation, an amnesty was offered to any prisoner on G2 with military experience who was willing to swear an oath of loyalty to the Federation. Willing to do almost anything to escape that hellhole, Vardan signed up for the program and was sworn in as a private in the Tech Infantry. He fought in the later stages of the Vin Shriak war, and against the Vulthura, K'Nes, and Bugs, for the next ten years. Although his past as a draft dodger and Resistance fighter held back his career, his sheer ability was recognized with an appointment to Officer Candidate School in 2259.

The Caal InvasionEdit

The Caal Invasion of 2264 found Titus Vardan serving alongside

Titus and Windspeaker next to a Raven Aerocopter

his friend Windspeaker Durward in a unit stationed on Saemaul enforcing the Jurvain Quarantine Zone. Recalled to defend Avalon, their unit was unable to make it in time and thus managed to narrowly avoid participating in the Battle of Avalon. Instead, the captain of the transport carrying them fled to New Madrid and joined the forces under Admiral Joseph Smythe that refused to recognize Vin Dane's dissolution of the Federation or to join his new Holy Terran Empire. Although Titus strongly considered defecting to join the new Terran Republic instead, loyalty to the men he'd served alongside for the past several years persuaded him to stay. For now, at least.

Kalintos and BeyondEdit

Titus and his good friend Windspeaker were both assigned as Heavy Weapons Squad leaders in a platoon known as Soti's Slammers, a special-weapons unit made up of Raptors and other TI soldiers. They took part in the capture of the INS Alastar Dimiye, helping to capture its engine room while their fellow squad leader Argus McCall captured the bridge. Later, they took part in the liberation of Kalintos, landing in the capital city of Loud Water via Drop Pods to carry out attacks on key installations. After the planet was liberated they were both lightly wounded in a car bomb attack on their victory party, but made full recoveries. During these operations, Titus developed and intense dislike for Argus McCall, who he felt did not pay him the full respect he deserved. After Kalintos, Soti's Slammers were sent to participate in the invasion of St. Michael's Star, where Titus and his squad were among those stranded on the planet's surface when the Earth Fleet task force that brought them there was forced to withdraw in the face of superior enemy numbers.  Titus later fought at the Battle of the Round Table at the climax of the war, using some of his supernatural gifts to trick an Imperial Guard artillery unit into bombarding their own forces.  He was one of the few survivors of that battle on the Federation side, but once it became clear he was stranded on a hostile capital planet with no hope of rescue, he disappeared into the New Chicago underworld and his whereabouts after that point are unknown. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

Titus Vardan was one of three characters created by Marcus at request of Martin, because Martin was on vacation in Russia at the time and didn't have time to come up with NPC's to interact with that week himself. Martin later retroactively filled in the backstories for the characters. This article therefore may be removed or heavily rewritten if Marcus had more details in mind than he put into the actual story. His Actor Avatar is Everett McGill, specifically in his role as a mercenary in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

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