Colonel Tomas Delarosa was a psychic (low-level mage) that became the commander of the Tech Infantry Internal Affairs Division before the 3rd Civil War. While operating in this capacity, he forced one of his subordinates, Justine D'Amprisi, into a sexual relationship against her wishes. When she tried to break it off, he began a campaign to destroy her, personally and professionally. He tried to force her previous lover, Malachi Spyder, to inform on her as a spy for the Tech Infantry Rebels faction. When this did not work, he tried to arrest both of them at Spyder's posting on Babylon, but was interrupted by the invasion of that system by a rebel landing force commanded by Alistar Dimiye.

He later allied himself with Marshal Sarah Dunmeyer after his disgrace and operated as her Black Ops chief for the TI faction. He avoided getting purged in the coup by General Joel Fabin and managed to go underground with his contacts afterwards. His whereabouts were uncertain after Clarke's rise to power.

He was known as quite the ladies man and enjoyed going on his own assignments.

Behind the ScenesEdit

TI Internal Affairs was designed as a counter to Internal Security in Season 4.2. Colonel Delarosa appeared in a couiple acts in Erich Von Shrakenberg's story, but with the 3rd Civil War, this subplot disappeared.

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