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International borders set by the Treaty. (Click for larger image)

Signed in April 2244, the Treaty of Wilke's Star ended the national and international conflicts collectively known as the Third Civil War.  Signed by the Earth Federation, Eastern Bloc, K'Nes Tor, Jurvain Commonality, and Kingdom of Enoch, it was really more of a cease-fire than a peace treaty.  None of the five remaining powers were happy with how the war had ended, but all were too weakened to continue fighting.

At the peace conference held on Wilke's Star, Federation Chairman Arthur Clarke demanded status quo ante bellum, returning the Federation's borders to their pre-war status, but lacked the ships and troops to enforce his claim.  Eventually all sides agreed to set the borders on ceasefire lines, with each power keeping the systems they had overtaken.

The Treaty of Wilke's Star left over have a dozen human-populated systems ruled by aliens, a situation that never sat well with Chairman Clarke, and he made reconquering all human-populated territory his primary goal over the next twenty years.


The Eastern Bloc more than doubled its territory, annexing seven human-occupied systems (Charbydis, Epsilon, Hadley, Hadrian, Hector, Jennifer's Star, and Port Arthur).

The Jurvain Commonality almost doubled their territory, conquering one Bug-infested system (On-Bay) and six human-occupied systems (Ashdown, Chalfont, Circe, Deseret, Kalintos, and St. Michael's Star).

The K'Nes Tor gained only three systems (Andersvald, Midgar, and Sarma), all human-occupied, but it increased their territory by a third.


Although he Earth Federation emerged as the dominant power in human space, having defeated the Christian Federation, Resistance, and Tech Infantry Rebels, it lost almost a quarter of its territory to the Eastern Bloc, K'Nes, and Jurvain.

The Kingdom of Enoch failed to conquer any new territory, lost half of the Enochian Navy trying, and considered itself lucky to survive the peace conference with its pre-war borders intact.

The Frontier Worlds Territory was utterly destroyed.  Having fallen to a joint invasion by the K'Nes and Jurvain, it was officially declared "null and void" at the peace conference and it's systems divided among their alien conquerors.  Two systems, Charbydis and Hadrian, opted to join the Eastern Bloc rather than be invaded and defeated by aliens.