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A triumvirate is leadership coalition of three people who are political allies and agree to share power. The Earth Federation was twice ruled by such triumvirates, each of which imposed a sort of stability on the Federation while it lasted.

First TriumvirateEdit

The First Triumvirate consisted of Pyramus Grey, Isis, and Corric Lightfoot, and ruled from around 2165 until its destruction three decades later by the First Civil War. This period saw much expansion of the Federation territory into former Bug and Drakat worlds, first contact with new alien races such as the Jurvain, a short-lived treaty of alliance with the Black Hand and the Kingdom of Enoch, and the initiation of secret projects such as Project Vitek and Project Exo-Genesis. Eventually, their secret projects offended both the Tech Infantry and the Horadrim, and they were deposed by a coup led by the 86th Platoon.

Second TriumvirateEdit

By 2222, the members of the 86th Platoon who had toppled the First Triumvirate had themselves risen to be among the most powerful individuals in the Federation. Maeve Harrington and her husband Lwan Eddington used her wealth as head of Harrington Industries and his clout as Marshal of the Federation to exert enormous influence over the politics and economy of the Federation. Fearing their growing power could become a tyranny, a Second Triumvirate was formed by the mage Richard Fox, head of Internal Security; the Weretiger Arthur Clarke, head of the Tech Infantry Special Service and rival with Eddington for the post of Marshal; and Samuel Wall, mundane human President of the Senate and political kingmaker extraordinaire. Together, they had Eddington convicted of adultery, deposed as Marshal and replaced by Clarke, and finally imprisoned on G2. To thwart Maeve Harrington, they tried to choke off her main source of wealth and income by cancelling government and military contracts with the Ferret Works and other subsidiaries of Harrington Industries. Enraged, Harrington threw the support of herself and her company behind the Liberation revolutionary movement, and kicked off the Second Civil War.

With Harrington's financial and political support, the Liberation was very nearly successful in toppling the Federation government. Richard Fox was assassinated by a terrorist bomb, and Samuel Wall fled for his life and went into hiding in the Eastern Bloc. Left alone and without support, Arthur Clarke resigned from his new post as Marshal and returned to lead the Raptors, taking a much lower political profile for the next two decades. A series of new Marshals declared Martial Law and took the fight to both the Liberation and the Sabbat, who had taken advantage of the turmoil to seize open control of Wilke's Star.

However, a corporation like Harrington Industries had too many fixed facilities and publicly-traded assets to avoid the wrath of the central Government for long, and in desperation to save herself and her company Maeve Harrington agreed to betray the Liberation, an act which directly led to her assassination and death. Crippled by her betrayal and without the finacial resources she had brought to the organization, the Liberation was crushed by a series of Tech Infantry assaults on their strongholds. With the immediate threat over, the Tech Infantry turned over political control to a new Civilian government led by Abdul Johnson in 2228.

Season Eight Alternate TimelineEdit

The Middle Kingdom was under the control of the third such triumvirate to rule over a majority of humanity since the birth of space travel, which consisted of the Asian-descended human Emperor Chiang, the mage Andrea Treschi, and the Horadrim Vin Dane.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The term Triumvirate is Latin for "Group of Three Men", and a series of numbered Triumvirates indeed ruled Rome during the transitional period from Republic to Empire.

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