The symbol of Clan Tzimisce

The Tzimisce are a clan of Vampires, formally part of the Sabbat.


The name and deeds of the founder of Clan Tzimisce are lost in the mists of history, but they mostly settled in the area of Eastern Europe, where they often ruled sizeable domains. They were long considered apart from other Vampires, due to the unique abilities of many of their members, which were considered creepy and terrifying even by Vampire standards. This apartness helps explain why the Tzimisce have been a major part of the Sabbat since the beginning of that organization, as Tzimisce chafed under the restrictions imposed upon them by the Camarilla.

Clan TraitsEdit

The Tzimisce are known for having an ability referred to as "fleshcrafting", the ability to supernaturally mold flesh into alternate forms, melting and merging and reshaping it in disturbing and terrifying ways. Tzimisce have been known to meld multiple victims together to create horrifying war machines known as Vozhd, or to reshape themselves into forms they find beautiful but pretty much everyone else finds terrifying in the extreme. Since Gehenna, this ability has been discovered to be linked in some mysterious way to the Soul Eaters of Fieras VI. Some even believe that the clan founder of Tzimisce, who did not appear on Earth during Gehenna, is in fact living on Fieras VI as sort of the King of the Soul Eaters.

Tzimisce also are known to have a peculiar obsession with places important to them, either from before they were embraced or afterwards. They like to sleep with handfuls of soil from these places scattered around them, or buried in piles of their ancestral soils. The exodus from Earth has been particularly tough on them, and Tzimisce are, not surprisingly, fairly small in number these days.

The Tzimisce have a particular enmity for the Clan Tremere, who used Tzimisce vampires in the magical experiments which eventually transformed them from Mages into Vampires.

Notable TzimisceEdit

By far the most famous Tzimisce in history were Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula, and his relative Elizabeth Bathory.

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