An Umbral Dreadnought from the late 20th century, serving as one of the first Eastern Bloc starships.

An Umbral Dreadnought is an early form of technomagickal spacecraft used by the Void Engineers and other Mages to explore the deeper reaches of the Umbra as well as outer space in the decades before the Space Race became public knowledge with the 1957 launch of Sputnik I, and to visit the stars in the half century after that.  Starting in the late 1800's, early steamships and ironclad warships were repurposed as vessels for the exploration of the cosmos.  It was with Umbral Dreadnoughts that the Technocracy encountered and made war on the original inhabitants of Earth's Moon and the planet Mars, eventually defeating them both by weaponizing Consensual Reality itself and wiping them from existence.  Later exploring nearby star systems, they encountered the Horadrim, and kidnapped many of the Horadrim Children, which led to the first Bug attack on Earth in 2001, triggering Gehenna.  Since Gehenna and the end of the Masquerade, Umbral Dreadnoughts were developed into starships as we currently know them, and the early models were phased out and retired. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

Yet another concept we borrowed from the World of Darkness and adapted to our needs. 

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